Kalimirch Health Benefits

Benefits of Kalimirch (Black Pepper)

1. Kalimirch paste helps reduce redness and itchiness in case of skin allergy due to its Tikshna (sharp) and Vata-Kapha balancing property.

2. Kalimirch paste also helps to manage arthritis pain when applied on the affected area due to its Vata balancing property.

3. Kalimirch (Black pepper) oil gives relief in eczema by reducing itching when applied externally due to its Tikshna (sharp) property.

Kalimirch powder at home

1. Clean all the Kalimirch corns properly.
2. Heat a pan and then add the corns.
3. Roast them for about 1-2 minutes till it becomes light brown.
4. Switch off the gas and let it cool.
5. Then after a few minutes, transfer all the contents to a blender and grind well.
6. Now, transfer this freshly prepared Kalimirch powder to an airtight container and use as required.

Herbal tea

We can add Kalimirch in herbal tea due to its rich nutrient content. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which help prevent various diseases.

Protects from cancer

This spice also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A flavonoids, carotenes and other Anti-oxidant that neutralize the harmful free radicals in your body thereby protect you from cancer. Studies have suggested that black pepper can stall the progression of Skin Cancer, Bowel Cancer and colon cancer.

Weight loss

Kalimirch, when taken in moderate amount, is good for weight loss as it improves the metabolism of the body. Kalimirch can be used for weight management when added to the diet. Kalimirch helps to improve metabolism and reduce Ama (toxic remains in the body due to improper digestion). This is due to its Deepan (appetizer) and Kapha balancing properties.

Beneficial for men

Kalimirch is beneficial for men due to its aphrodisiac property. Piperine, a component present in Kalimirch has inhibitory effects. This inhibitory effect of piperine improves the level of testosterone and thus enhances sexual performance. Kalimirch also contains zinc and magnesium which helps boost sexual drive in males. Effective remedy to maintain sexual stamina in men because of its Vrushya (aphrodisiac) property.

Hair growth

It helps in managing hair problems such as dandruff. This is due to its anti-fungal activity. Kalimirch is also said to prevent baldness. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using Kalimirch or its products on the scalp and hair.

Kalimirch helps to maintain hair growth when its oil is applied on the scalp. Kalimirch oil helps to remove excess dryness from the scalp which is due to an aggravated Vata. This prevents the growth of dandruff because of its Vata balancing property.
1. Take 3-4 drops of Kalimirch oil.
2. Mix it with coconut oil
3. Apply on scalp and hairs twice or thrice a week
4. To promotes hair growth quickly

Side effects of Kalimirch

1. Kalimirch is considered to be safe when consumed in food amounts or in medicinal amounts. But consuming Kalimirch in large amounts can accidentally get into the lungs and may cause choking especially in children.
2. It may cause a burning sensation in the stomach in high doses.
3. If accidentally, Kalimirch enters the eyes, it may cause a burning sensation in the eyes as well.

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