Why Marriages are not successful these days?

Marriage is a dream for every heart but now days we see less of the marriages get successful. We can see the difference, Its not like those marriages which always use to be long lasting at the times of our Parents and ancestors which now days inspire us . Now the main question which runs in everybody’s mind is how to make marriages successful.

We generally heard in our friend circles neighbors and relatives talks about the cases where marriages broke in few months or have lasted for a year hardly. Now Why these marriages easily break and doesn’t last for long time ?

So if we compare and see that in old days women’s use to have high tolerance and rarely they would raise there voice for any wrong done to them, than the women of now days better know there rights and they don’t tolerate much the injustice and do fights for there rights and are much strong independent and confident. This is good also nothing is bad to fight for ones own right.

Second thing is that in arrange marriages we meet for one or two times and on that bases we judge the person is good. Don’t you think it’s to early to say so, in first two or three meeting if we meet say any person he/she would always pretend that he is good and would only show his/her brighter side no one will open up to easily. So here more time should be given to understand and even parents should allow them to meet and then decide. Decision should not be taken very fast in very short period but at least 6 months time should be given in between as shortcut to any thing is bad.

Also if person has good qualities doesn’t means he is right material for wedding. If he good for all and everyone likes him then what is the difference that he is good for you. So, here we should not make decisions from heart but we should listen to our mind here as it requires thinking from long term aspects.

We should always give time to understand the other persons expectations from you and there you can match yours too . So let the other person speak don’t interrupt the more he will speak up the better you will get to know the person. But thinking to much is not good it also sometimes ruins the relationship. If still after knowing all is good and after marriage turnout different then it is your fate.

Well Good humor plays effective tool in new marriages for attracting the other person, but also for overcoming any awkwardness that arises during the process of getting to know one another. In established relationships, humor can keep things exciting, fresh, and vibrant. It can also help you get past conflicts, disagreements, and the tiny aggravations that can build up over time and wreck even the strongest of bonds. So being positive and with keeping patience not hurrying to the things with more understanding you can make it blossom, rest have faith in god .

Published by Priyanka

Priyanka holds a Master's degree in Human Resource and Law degree from reputed college (2016) and has previously worked with world top brands for offshore clients. In 2020, Priyanka quit her corporate job to become a professional blogger in India. Priyanka is highly passionate due to her strong determination, she has achieved a lot in her career and built a good repo. in a very short period. Her unique personality inspires every heart to be alive.

One thought on “Why Marriages are not successful these days?

  1. Yes, It’s true now a days more cases of sepration are pending .
    Marriage is a collabration of two soul who love each other and for them their partner is everything for which they are ready to compromise for them anything.

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