Hair Care

Naturally textured hair is a beautiful thing! But many have more length than with the health of their hair. What they don’t realize is that once you focus more on maintaining its health, length will come. Here are some healthy hair habits you should practice, which will ultimately help you reach any hair length goalsContinue reading “Hair Care”

Personal Care

Facial hair makes the skin less smooth and breaks beauty of the face. Even make-up looks much polished when face is without excess hair. Unwanted hair that grows on a woman’s body and face is caused by hirsutism . Having excess body hair can often generate a sense of self-consciousness and even guilt. Below mentionContinue reading “Personal Care”

Skin Care

Double Chin spoils beautiful face to look dull an aged one. A double chin is caused by an extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin. It can be cured with little care given and few exercises which which if practiced can easily cure this problem. You may start losing muscle definition within 10-12Continue reading “Skin Care”

Plan to make a great day.

Firstly, we should forget about the bitter things that happened to us till the previous day and should start from fresh by learning from the mistake. Start you day with good thoughts. Bring a thought of you have got another day as an opportunity. With plan everything works smoothly so, Plan your day smartly in advance is theContinue reading “Plan to make a great day.”

Count your Blessings!

Whenever you are in a doubt just count your blessings and see the change in your thoughts. See how positivity overtakes negativity in your mind. When you are in stress you forget your blessings, you forget what you are blessed with and starts looking for what you are missing with. In this world Whatever youContinue reading “Count your Blessings!”

Pamper Yourself

Self pamper is very important in this stressful life, Its spare out time for self where you can connect with self when you have much time to recharge your body and mind. We all enjoy pamper and its actually needed for refreshing your soul. Its completely healing of the body and re-energizing it. Whether you’veContinue reading “Pamper Yourself”

Empathy in Relationships

Well its part of emotional intelligence, actually Sympathy is want and Empathy is need. Sympathy means ‘having a fellow feeling’ when you haven’t been there. Empathy  means that you can actually able to feel what other person is feeling placing one self into another. It is when you’ve “been there”, It’s actually straightforward and is theContinue reading “Empathy in Relationships”

Trust in Relationship

Being emotionally transparent and honest about YOU. It just means sharing what comes up in you that prevents closeness in the relationship. It could be fear, anger, sadness, resentment. Keeping transparency is which builds trust easily. Trust is small word but it is very important for healthy growing good relationships. It is firm belief in the reliability orContinue reading “Trust in Relationship”