Life is Delight

Do what you love as life is too short so try live on your own terms, so that you don’t have to regret on fulfilling all your dreams which you always wanted to. Think less and live life to the fullest . Accept what ever comes and having faith on god that all will happen for good. Count your blessings. People who have positive mindset always live far better life with full on happiness than who think always negative .

Always keep smile on your face , may this also brings smiles on the others face on seeing you. Eat what you love, dress the way you always like too..Learn each day something new .

Doing what you love will always bring smile on your face . Note the list of things which you want to do in your life and complete all of them crossing them down.

Life is so beautiful, if you live it actually and then it will become the life what you love to live …with full of freedom .

Nature Dose

Lemon Cover

left overs of lemon covers are usually thrown but let me tell you that it can also be used and very good face mask can be prepared out of it which of in market you will go for buying will be costly. As lemon is a source of Vitamin C which brightens and lightens our skin leaving a glow on the skin.

Benefits –

  • Lighten the age spots
  • Treat hyper pigmentation
  • Does Natural Hydration .
  • Good Exfoliator .
  • Helps to treat Acne.

Let’s make mask from lemon covers :

First Step Keep the lemon covers for drying after you use the lemon juice.

Second Step Take the lemon dried cover and grind them to powder

Third step Now take one spoon powder and one spoon Fuller’s Earth powder and a spoon full of yogurt mix it well.

Forth step Now Apply it on the face and let it dry for 30 mins now wash it off with cold water.

Fifth step Apply some rose water on the facefore toning of the face.

Fill life with Happiness

Happiness is just a state of mind, a choice , a way of living. It is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced – Steve Maraboli

Our solution to happiness is STOP DEPENDING ON OTHERS. Keep your chin up and help yourself.

Appreciate yourself – Don’t wait for others to appreciate you. If you know you did something good, treat yourself to a chocolate or any thing of your favorite that you like. Even if somebody says that you have not done it right just ignore without feeling dishearten. For eg . You made sweet and it was supper tasty but when you offer others to eat they eat it and enjoy it but after that they take out fault into it. People are there to only find out mistake and very less will be there who appreciate, so why to wait for others appreciation you know you put your best, appreciate your efforts .

Look at the positive side of every situation– Every thing you are facing today have some goods also try to find them out. Thinking negative in every situation will make the situation worse. Make your habit of seeing positive out of everything every situation and you will see the positive change in your life. Make yourself better than you were in past . Set your goals and keep chasing them with you best efforts without losing hope. The best line “Mann ke hare har hai mann ke jeete jeet” never ever lose hope have faith, your good time is waiting for you. Everybody gets those constant negative voices that tends to pull you back. Make your own voice for positivity so loud that you can’t hear those voices anymore.

Don’t try to change others – Its easier to change yourself than others. The only thing you can do is change the way you think. You have complete control of what you think about the situation, how you feel about it, and what kind of attitude you will take. You cannot change how other people see you, so it is best to focus on how you can change your perception rather than agonizing over other people’s perceptions.

Improve Relationships – Even if someone mocks you, insults you, or teases you, just think, “do as you like,” and let it not bother you. That person may be misusing the freedom given by God, or the person could be actually trying to educate you in a harsh way. Actually, both cases are possible. Some people get upset simply because they do not like you. Others get upset because they are worried about you and want to guide you to a better direction in life. Whatever the case may be, the only thing you can do is change yourself. Change the way you think, how you see others, and how you treat others. The best way to improve relationships is to first make efforts to change yourself.

Always remember you can never make every one happy. So never try to do so, just be selfish and focus on you by being happy, cheering every moments with a joy and sharing, spreading happiness around you.

Amazing Rose Water

Rose water is flavored, aromatic water which is prepared by soaking rose petals into water. Fill an empty spray bottle with rosewater and spritz once you’re done with your morning beauty routine to keep your face fresh and hydrated.

Don’t Ignore rose water. It has numerous benefits, It maintains pH balance .The best and easiest way to use rose water maybe to apply it at night, to clear all impurities the face has collected through the day;

Benefits –

  • For Dry and Frizzy Hair- Mix equal parts rosewater and glycerin, apply on the scalp with the help of cotton pads and massage for 10-15 minutes. Let it stay for another 30 minutes and wash off with shampoo.
  • Facial Cleanser: Rose water can be used a cleanser on all skin types. After washing your face with a mild face wash, all you have to do is add a few drops of glycerine to 1 tbsp rose water and apply it on your face.
  • No More Tired Eyes- If you have tired, inflamed eyes – soak a cotton pad in chilled rose water and apply. It helps reduce puffiness under the eyes and get rid of redness.
  • Hair Conditioner- Post shampooing, use a cup of rose water as a final rinse. It helps condition the hair deeply, adding a healthy shine and growth of your hair you’ll just love.
  • Facial Toner- Wet a soft cotton ball with chilled rose water and dab it on cleansed skin. Its mild astringent properties help tighten the pores and gently tone the skin. It also helps to get rid of aging skin, keeping fine lines and wrinkles.
  • For Acne – Mix 1 tbsp of  lemon juice with 1 tbsp rose water, apply it on acne skin and let it stay for 30 minutes. Wash with fresh water .
  • Get rid of tanning- Add 2 tbsp gram flour and mix it with rose water plus lemon juice to make a smooth paste. Apply for 15 minutes to get rid of tanning.

For some extra indulgence, draw yourself a rose-scented bath. It’s considered the best antidote to stress.The aroma of roses is said to be a powerful mood enhancer. It rids you of feelings of anxiety and promotes emotional well-being, thereby making you feel more relaxed.

Immunity Building

Healthy diet and exercise can contribute in good health and healthy immune system. As exercise helps in good circulation and helps immune system to do it’s job efficiently. Regular exercise is one of the pillar of healthy living. As it lowers blood pressure, Helps in control of body weight , and protects against many diseases.

Healthy immune system needs good regular nourishment. You must have noticed People who live in poverty and are malnourished are more vulnerable to infectious diseases. Deficiencies of zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, and vitamins A, B6, C, and E Alter immune responses.

For keeping good immune system one should keep following thing in mind-

  • Eat diet of fruits and vegetables and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Should exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight .
  • Washing your hands frequently to avoid infections . Avoid taking too much stress .
  • Refined starches, added sugars, processed meats and other highly processed foods should be avoided in diet.
  • Fermented dairy foods should be included in diet such as Pickle, yogurt and certain cheeses contain probiotics, which are live bacteria in food that are noted for their positive impact on gut health.

Honey Bee Hive

Honey bees, unlike bumble bees, don’t build ground-based nests. You are much more likely to encounter a honey bee hive in a hollow tree or in a rock crevice. Though more rare, you can also find them inside the wall of a building.

Honey bee collects honey in their hive as they rely on honey to survive the cold winter months when they can’t venture outside the hive to gather nectar and pollen. So they have to store all the honey they will need to survive the winter — often between 40 to 60 pound of it. Honey bees also spend much of the winter clustered around their queen, keeping her warm and capable of reproducing. That also requires a large expenditure of energy. Again, honey fuels honey bee activity.

Bee hive products and their benefit :

  • Honey The Queen of the beehive products. This golden liquid has been known for centuries to heal wounds and treat infection, as well as being antioxidantantibiotic and antiviral which is important in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. In all-natural skin care products, honey acts as a preservative, so there is no need for chemical or artificial preservatives in the product.
  • Beeswax Beeswax obtains its golden color from the  propolis and bee pollen inside, both also known for their incredible health benefits. The beeswax helps lock in your skin’s own moisture, nourishes skin cells and creates a barrier against the destruction caused by our environment. Unfiltered beeswax contains over 300 micro nutrients. It will not clog pores. It also is a naturally nourishing moisturizer as well as being anti-inflammatoryantisepticantibacterialanti allergenic and a germicidal antioxidant.
  • Royal Jelly This thick, milky substance is produced by the worker bees to feed the queen bee. They mix honey and bee pollen with enzymes in the glands of their throats to produce royal jelly. It consists of a blend of proteins,vitaminsminerals and amino acids. Royal jelly may be one of nature’s best kept secrets. It promotes more youthful looking skin.healing wounds and skin disorders, promoting sexual rejuvenation, stimulating the immune system, protecting the skin from dehydration as well as providing antibacterialantibiotic and anti-inflammatory action.
  • Propolis Nature’s antibiotic Propolis is a sticky resin that seeps from the wounds and buds of trees. After collecting the propolis, sometimes called “bee glue,” bees carry it back to the hive in their pollen baskets. Once back at the hive they are met by other worker bees who help them unload it. These workers then mix the propolis with salivary secretions and flakes of beeswax.The final blend is rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It revive skin by disabling viruses and fighting infections.
  • Bee Pollen It is the substance that is created when bees mix together nectar or honey, bee saliva and the plant pollen that bees collect from flowers. It Helps with wrinkles and blemishes and also correct darkening of the skin. The nutrient-dense bee pollen contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, carotenoids, flavonoids and phytosterols.  This makes bee pollen excellent for healing and rejuvenating of the skin.

Inner World

It’s very important to manage stress feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interfere with a person’s everyday activities.Too much thinking which creates thoughts and ideas which can be good as well as bad which flows in our mind and controls our mind. It is very important to observe the thoughts and take control over mind by creating space between the breaths, that is pause between the breaths. When you inhale, you can feel the space .

Meditation is the best way to control our mind but initially when you start it you will feel that there is no benefit out of it but please don’t stop the practice of Meditating start with at least starting from 5 minutes and then increasing the time slowly. Ones you starts Mediating daily you will see the difference in your mental health.

Start by adjusting your sitting position. If you sit on the floor, sit cross-legged, right leg over the left, right hand over the left hand, palms up, your right index finger gently touching your left thumb. Place both hands on your lap comfortably, your head and back erect. This sitting position is called Peace Position.

Gently close your eyes comfortably, as if you were going to sleep. Do not squeeze your eyelids and do not shut them forcefully. Close them slightly. Do not close them tightly. Sit with a smile on your face.

Next, take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale a few times. Breathe in deeply until you feel the air pass through your lungs and reach the middle of your abdomen. Imagine that each cell in your body is fully taking in the feeling of happiness and joyfulness. Then slowly breathe out through your nostrils. Breathe out all your worries, stress, tension and negative feelings.

Its important to save your inner peace as it is important for being mentally fit. Nobody can bring you peace but yourself can. Happiness is not attaining all luxuries. It comes from attaining inner peace.

“The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create an inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one’s life.”

Treating Receding Gums

Receding gums are relatively common. Aging and genetics can cause gum loss even if you practice good oral hygiene habits. Receding gums can be caused due to poor oral health. It is the process in which the margin of the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth wears away, or pulls back, exposing more of the tooth or the tooth’s root.

You can talk with your dentist about using natural remedies and traditional treatment to help stop or slow down the process.

Natural remedies for receding gums-

  • Oil pulling- Oil pulling can be done with (sesame oil, coconut oil, Olive oil) for 15 to 20 minutes in a day, as it helps to pull bacteria from mouth and increasing saliva production also it helps moisturizing gums .
  • Drinking green tea also helps it can help promote healthy teeth and gums and may actually ward off disease. Try drinking one to two cups of green tea daily.
  • Using Aloe vera-injecting medicinal-grade aloe vera gel into inflamed gums helps in improvement of periodontal conditions.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove plaque and debris from your teeth and along the gum line twice a day.
  • flossing one time per day is an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums, helping remove debris between teeth that can contribute to plaque buildup.

By taking good care of your teeth, you can have a healthy smile forever.

Loss of Humanity

After coronavirus lock down we have experienced the pain of living in home when we can’t go out , Can’t meet our friends and have fun now see how might have these animals and birds who are from many many years in Cage or in Zoo are living there lives. It can led to depression to Humans then imagine how many animals are kept in depression for entertainment of humans, if we do then any anyone kept in cage he may also be suffering from the same depression like we do if any five or more of these symptoms are experienced every day for two weeks or longer then can be said as suffering from depression . The acronym “SAD CAGES” can help you better remember these symptoms:

  • S – Sleep disturbances
  • A – Appetite change
  • D – Depressed mood of feelings of sadness over a sustained period of time
  • C – Concentration problems
  • A – Anhedonia: Loss of interest in enjoyable activities
  • G – Guilt or shame
  • E – Energy and enthusiasm low
  • S – Suicidal thoughts due to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness

For all of us there is a big learning from lock down ”Jeyo aur jeene do” So please, try free those animals and birds which you have from long time kept in cage in your home. They are not born to keep you happy and sacrifice there happiness, as everyone has a right to freedom. If you like to take care and feed them do it openly by keeping some food for them and water to drink as many birds and animal die thirsty in summers. By keeping them imprisoned there life decrease from actual .

We are called humans, ”but really humanity exists in us”? ”Do we really deserve to be humans” ? When we can’t feel the pain of living being like us. When god has blessed us with all the facilities why not share and spread the love and blessings among those who are deprived from it . We should feel satisfied somewhere and should not always aspire for more and more in life. Look at these bird and animals who can’t speak that they need shelter which you are blessed with, they are hungry, thirsty but they die with that.

We kill them for our needs and never feel there pain they suffer from because they are animals? Another heart failing news today pregnant elephant died after cracker filled pineapple explodes in her mouth in Kerala, might be she was blind of faith in humanity, and she did big mistake of her life by trusting humanity which does not exist and had died. May pregnant elephant RIP and hope animals and birds understand and never trust and be loyal to these heartless and cruel so called humans. Nowadays these Animals define better humanity meaning, the ways they show loyalty to there owners and still we call them animals and those actually who are animals as we call them as humans.

Face Fat

Losing face fat is almost as difficult as belly fat. Belly fat is the last thing you burn after all your exercise. Since Belly participates in the least exercise/physical activity. Same is the case with Face. You can’t change that. But your face is something which is easy to concentrate upon. You also need to burn calories for your whole body, which will help you lose fat on face, Anyways, below are some easy steps.

  • Mouthwash exercises – Gargle and clean your mouth thoroughly after every meal you have. Take 2 mins extra and rinse your mouth properly. This is a very good exercise for your cheek muscles along with your dental health
  • Blowing balloons – Blowing baloons helps a lot. If you don’t have any party lined up just pretend you are blowing a baloon and complete the breathing routine
  • Fish face – Suck your cheeks inside and make a fish face. Try pretending to be a fish.
  • Laughter therapy – The harder you laugh the more the muscles will workout. Laugh as much as you can. Its not only good for your blood circulation, but also your mental and emotional health
  • Hot towel – Soak a towel in hot water and massage your face with it. IT helps loosening the face muscles..
  • Chewing gum – Chew gum for 20 mins everyday. It will help you with loosing extra fat in your chin and lower cheeks
  • The Hindi Swarmala – Hope you know the ‘swars’ in Hindi language. Its ‘aaaaa’ ‘eeeee’ ‘uuuu’ ‘oooo’ ‘aeeee’ ooouuuuu’. Use these and spread your mouth as much as you can while chanting these. This will help a lot.
  • Facial massages – These massages help you relax your muscles and is good way to shed out the extra skin.


Incorporate following habits in your daily routine, which will not only help you achieve your goal a lil faster, but also are in general very good habits for anyone and everyone. You need to follow this religiously for the next 10 days.

  • Stretch just after you wake up. This will help loosen up your muscles and every physical activity you do will start benefiting you.
  • Drink warm water thrice a day (warm, same as your tea, add lemon, ginger and honey for extra benefit), drink plenty of water otherwise as well
  • Climbing 4 floor stairs everyday (if the building is less than 4, try doing it twice, if the building is more try climbing till 4 and then get a lift)
  • Breakfast like a king, lunch like a junkie and dinner like a beggar. This simply means that take a heavy breakfast and a very little dinner, or just salad if you could. Eat less spicy food. Avoid any junk or fried foods, canned drinks, alcohol and sweets.
  • Take dinner 2 hours before you sleep. Or try eating just salad.
  • Take a spoonful of lemon extract just after your meal, helps digesting the fats early
  • You can’t sit for 15 mins after you had your meal. a walk would be much better.
  • Drink one glass of water one hour before you meal.
  • Eat fruit salad everyday. Avoid high calorie fruits like banana, mango, musk melon.
  • If you can, get aloevera juice. It will clean your blood and cut your fat.
  • Cut down on all whites like Pasta, White Bread, White Rice, Noodles, Potato. Avoid fried and processed foods.

You can also incorporate the following and do them in turn. Don’t stick to the same exercises everyday include some exercise like Burpees, Jumping jacks, Squats, Mountain Climber etc.