Inviting Miracle

I myself have experienced this in my life.We all have some goals and dreams but very few of us make it come true, some of us just loose hope when we are just one step away to the goal just because we get tired of trying many time and faced multiple failures.To achieve your dreams, it really work if you visualize it that you have have achieved it, creating such thought every day while going to sleep or in a day will make it reality.

To achieve any thing in life, first and foremost thing required according to me is self belief and never give up attitude. Sometimes, life offers you situations which not only demands hard work and perseverance but some creative thinking as well to save from the situation.

Some people around you may ask you to be on a safer side always and stop trying and taking risks. However, there is no gain without pain. So we should try hard to achieve success in life despite what life offers you. As even if luck doesn’t favor hardwork will always work .

Why not identify our priorities in life and develop a good strategy to work towards fulfilling it rather than wasting your time and effort on unnecessary aspects of life.

This remind me of One story which we have heard in our childhood, which is on Struggles develop strength. Sharing below-

One day a man was passing by a garden when he saw a butterfly cocoon which was about to get open.

He saw a small opening on it and watched the several hours of struggles the butterfly came through to get the body out of it. After many hours, it seemed that the butterfly stopped trying as there was no progress.

He thought to help the butterfly by cutting the cocoon with a scissor. So the butterfly came out easily but the wings were shriveled and the body was tiny and withered.

Unfortunately, the butterfly was not able to take flight and spend the rest of life crawling with a wounded body.

Moral: This is nature’s way of telling the importance of struggles in life. Sometimes, different kinds of struggles are needed in life to make you stronger in the future. Never feel disappointed in life and stop trying when life offers you struggles but keep on fighting until you see success.

So, i would say that We should all Just shake off our problems and stand on it and step up . Every bad experience is a new learning. So get the positives out of it and work towards your goals with balancing your life priorities and invest time with your family, your loved ones. Because ”yeh zindgie na milegie dubara”and save some time to relax also, which would boost up your productivity.

Hair Care

Naturally textured hair is a beautiful thing! But many have more length than with the health of their hair. What they don’t realize is that once you focus more on maintaining its health, length will come. Here are some healthy hair habits you should practice, which will ultimately help you reach any hair length goals you might have.

1. Feed Your Hair

This can’t be stressed enough: healthy hair starts from within.You should include healthy fruits and veggies in your diet and drink lots of water.

2. Take Your Vitamins

A daily supplement will work along with your diet to fill in whatever nutrients you might be lacking and promote healthy hair growth.

3. Be Careful with Heat

As the saying goes, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Too much heat too often can lead to damage, and eventually your hair won’t revert back to its natural state. Also, too much or improper use of heat can lead to dry, brittle hair, breakage, and split ends. Be careful to the technique and how many times you use. Here are a few tips:

  • Use heat tools that have clear settings (not just “on/off”), and use the low or medium settings at most.
  • Prepare your hair for heat styling at the cleansing and conditioning stage to make sure it is well hydrated.
  • Always use a heat protectant! This will serve as a barrier between your hair tool and your hair to prevent damage.

4. Cleanse hair Regularly

Yes, healthy hair starts from within, but it also needs a clean, healthy environment from which to grow. A dirty scalp full of buildup can clog pores and follicles and essentially slow down healthy growth.

How often you wash your hair is totally up to you, depending on your daily routine (maybe you work out daily), how much product you use, and so on. The cleansing power of your Shampoo which gets rid of any build-up on the hair and scalp, but keeps your hair’s natural oils intact.

5. Use Fingertips When Cleansing

Depending on how your scalp feels come wash day, a good scratch might feel really good. But using your fingernails could cause unnecessary damage to the scalp. The pads of your fingers, along with a little pressure, is all you need for a thorough cleanse.

6. Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Shampoos containing sulfates, strip the hair of its natural moisture. Instead, reach for a moisturizing shampoo which gently cleanse while moisturizing the hair.

7. Deep Condition

Our hair needs help in the moisture department because of the shape of our hair. So, as the final step in your wash routine, follow up with a good deep conditioner to moisture into the hair.

8. Moisturize & Seal

Continuing the process, applying product to your hair while it’s still damp is the most effective way to retain moisture. Use leave in conditioner or organic hair oil to seal in moisture, to keep your hair healthy, soft, and manageable.

9. Get Regular Trims

Some may find this effect the growth, but trimming your hair gets rid of broken and split ends that could lead to more damage. Nipping damage in the bud with a trim about once every season (or as needed) will keep the hair at its healthiest.

10. Wear Protective Styles

Tucking your hair away in styles that require little to no manipulation for a few days or a few months will help you retain length.

11. Protect the Hair at Night

Keep hair moisturized and less prone to breakage by wrapping it up with a satin or silk scarf or bonnet at night. If you prefer to leave your hair free, a satin pillowcase will do.

12. Massage Your Scalp

A soothing scalp massage every few nights will help stimulate the hair follicles and help with blood flow to the scalp to encourage healthy growth..

13. Don’t Stress

This is easier said than done, but the best thing you can do for your hair is to simply relax. Whether it’s worrying about your hair length or anything else, stress will often show up in our skin as well as our hair. So try to reduce your stress as much as possible.

Once again, the health of your hair is more important than how long it is. Focus on its health and before you even realize it, the length will come!

Personal Care

Facial hair makes the skin less smooth and breaks beauty of the face. Even make-up looks much polished when face is without excess hair. Unwanted hair that grows on a woman’s body and face is caused by hirsutism . Having excess body hair can often generate a sense of self-consciousness and even guilt. Below mention are some Natural home remedies easily available, you can rely on these quick and easy hair removal tips to get rid of body hair if you don’t want to visit a salon.

Here are some simple and effective home remedies to remove your facial hair naturally.

  • Sugar and Lemon Juice All you need to do is mix two tablespoons of sugar and lemon juice, along with 8-9 tablespoons of water. Heat this mixture until bubbles start to appear and then, let it cool. Apply it on the affected areas using a spatula and keep it for about 20-25 minutes. Wash it off with cold water, rubbing in circular motion.
  • Lemon and Honey For dry skin. All you need to do is mix two tablespoons of sugar and lemon juice, along with 8-9 tablespoons of water. Heat this mixture until bubbles start to appear and then, let it cool.Use waxing strip or a cotton cloth, and pull the hair out in the opposite direction of growth.
  • Oatmeal and Banana For Dehydrated Skin. Blend two tablespoons of oatmeal with a ripe banana, and apply this paste on the affected areas. Massage it for 15 minutes, and wash it off with cool water.
  •  Egg White and Cornstarch( Not for acne porn skin)Mix a tablespoon each of cornstarch and sugar with egg white. Apply this mixture on the areas where you have unwanted hair and peel it off once it is dry. 
  • Turmeric and milk paste Mix turmeric and milk added in the ratio of three parts to one. Apply it on your face, and let this paste dry. You can use it especially on the upper lip area. Once dry, rub this area gently to get rid of any hair here. Wash this mixture off gently with some cold water. Regular use of this paste reduces the growth of facial hair over time, getting rid of it naturally.
  • Gram flour and yoghurt mix Add yoghurt and gram flour with a pinch of turmeric. Mix all of these ingredients together and apply this mixture on your face. Let it dry and then rub the area gently to get rid of the hair there. Wash it off with cold water.

Skin Care

Double Chin spoils beautiful face to look dull an aged one. A double chin is caused by an extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin. It can be cured with little care given and few exercises which which if practiced can easily cure this problem.

You may start losing muscle definition within 10-12 days after you stop working out . Depending upon the body type could also be factor of Saggy skin causing double chin.

Look below few different factors combine in the body to create a double chin-

Age The skin can start to lose its elasticity as the body ages, which can lead to the appearance of extra or saggy skin.

Diet and weight A diet high in calories processed foods, and unhealthful fats. While weight gain can also contribute to it but not always.

Family history Anyone with a family history of skin with little elasticity or double chins.

Posture Poor posture can weaken the muscles of the neck and chin.The surrounding skin loses its elasticity when the muscles are not used.

There are few simple exercises for a Double Chin.

  1. Kiss the sky Tilt the head back to look at the ceiling and try to kiss the sky (10 to 15 times).
  2. The pouting stretch Stick the bottom lip out as far as possible to form a pouting face (10 to 15 Times)
  3. Gum chewing Regular gum chewing is a minor workout for the muscles of the face, especially the jaw.
  4. The lion’s yawn The point of this exercise is to open the mouth wide while sticking the tongue out as far as possible, much like a yawning lion.(10 Times)
  5. Mouth wash Technique Fill your mouth with air and transfer the air from side of the mouth to the another.(5 to 10 Times)
  6. Neck role Turn your head in circular motion clock wise and anti clock wise Directions.(10 to 15 Times)

Plan to make a great day.

Firstly, we should forget about the bitter things that happened to us till the previous day and should start from fresh by learning from the mistake. Start you day with good thoughts.

Bring a thought of you have got another day as an opportunity. With plan everything works smoothly so, Plan your day smartly in advance is the first step to make, going full day in the way decided. By detailing of when & how you’ll do what.

Taking out time for you and your loved ones is easy if you manage your time well . Every night before sleeping and every morning after waking take 5 minutes to write your plan for that day.

We all know what to do and how to be. But, to do and to be is a habit. So little change in habit and developing good one will change the entire day completely and everybody knows how difficult breaking bad habits is. It occurs to me that with the habit of being prepared and ready, you are becoming more in control of not being in control of your days. What I mean here is you become more in control of yourself regardless of whatever the events of the day are.

We usually read books, or anywhere else regarding the effective habits of people who seem to have it, whether they hold the “rich and established” title or “content and happy” they always inspires you to do a set of actions to end and start your day.

Here are few things taken in consideration for making beautiful day-

  • Early to bed early to rise is the best regime. Set your alarm for this accordingly and be active on it. Ensure you take a good sleep required to your body to start your upcoming day actively and in a more energetic way.
  • Wake-up in between 4 to 6 AM as this the is the best time to enjoy the peace and fresh cool and have more oxygen less polluted air. Start your day with thanks to god, because you are healthy and alive.
  • Take out this time for yourself for your heath, do yoga for stretching your body and meditation for your mind for at least 20 min. As health is wealth.
  • Read for 20 mins at least in morning and do watch inspirational video on YouTube for gearing you up. Adding up with reading positive affirmations.
  • Focus on single task in hand , don’t try to be multitasking.
  • Practice breathing one breath will bring back your attention to floor of your lost mind.
  • Help and care for others like your parents or old age people, poor people which need your help, as giving is the best way which makes you happy and confident.
  • Whenever you feel demotivated think of your goals and ambitions your purpose.
  • Do what makes you happy, do take out time for your hobbies for which you could’t get time. As doing them will make you happy from inside as Learning new thing will upgrade you and make you interesting.
  • And for most important keep smile on your face through out the day. Be positive. Smile is very powerful. It can change other people day and even life too.

Count your Blessings!

Whenever you are in a doubt just count your blessings and see the change in your thoughts. See how positivity overtakes negativity in your mind.

When you are in stress you forget your blessings, you forget what you are blessed with and starts looking for what you are missing with. In this world Whatever you seek for you get.

Blessing is appreciating what you have rather looking for what you don’t. It is a positive approach to a negative situations.

Blessings open up, such as a much happier marriage, peace of mind, and a good conscience. As per my own experience getting rich does’t make you happy as in the struggle to get their take away the time for else from your life. And i have learn’t that giving make us happier than does receiving. Bringing a smile on some one face makes you happy from heart.

As for showing gratitude toward what we really have and god has blessed us with is much important to be satisfied in life and happy with, As may be what you have many desire of and are not blessed with .

In One interview Andrew Carnegie, a pioneer of the steel industry, who was then one of the richest men in the world said that “How can my wealth help me? I am sixty years old, and I cannot digest my food. I would give all my millions if I could have youth and health.” This best explains Increasing the income doesn’t increase your happiness.

Life is what we make it. What you have expectations from life and people around yourself? Are you working towards meeting those expectations. Do you expect a lot from people? Are you not self sufficient? If yes, you’re cursed. God has delegated that task to us, it is up to us to be blessed or to be cursed.

Blessing is something you prayed for with in his will. And things from God which are reward (Blessings). Blessing is what makes rich and adds no pain with it.Wise money management can make life more enjoyable.

The Way to Everlasting Blessings –

Clearly, we can only find true and lasting happiness after we properly satisfy our spiritual needs. If we put God first, we will find that every aspect of our lives becomes richer and more rewarding.

Pamper Yourself

Self pamper is very important in this stressful life, Its spare out time for self where you can connect with self when you have much time to recharge your body and mind. We all enjoy pamper and its actually needed for refreshing your soul. Its completely healing of the body and re-energizing it.

Whether you’ve achieved a long-term goal that you have been working toward or simply had the most productive month and crossed off everything on your to-do list, you’re worth it and you deserve it. After all, you work hard, so why not celebrate all the little achievements and giving a treat to yourself as life is too short why not cherish the life and show gratitude for all we have.

We are given extraordinary treatment on our birthday and treating you to some unexpected ways for your special day, by your friends, family members and other significant what about the other 364 days of the year?

Way to bring enthusiasm and spark in life. Well sometime it sound selfishness but that is OK. We all need alone time sometimes, and some people need more than others. Social interactions can be exhausting for some people . There’s no shame in taking time for yourself.

We often stay in friendships or relationships because we’re scared of hurting someone . But when it comes to relationships that are damaging if something is affecting your well-being, it might be time to say goodbye, as sometimes you need to put yourself first.

You can reduce your stress by being a little selfish now and then practicing some good self care.

  • For beauty you can enjoy massage, manicure and pedicure, Indulging in facial, booking a night at fancy hotel. Take bath, order room service and watch movie. Eating your favorite chocolate and enjoying it while its melting in mouth. Buy new lipstick or going for nail art. Sleep in and get your makeup done by professional.
  • Food – Going to oyster bar or go for local ice cream parlor indulge in ice-cream cone or sundae. Order pizza opening up red wine by eating while watching your favorite TV shows Or making your favorite dish for dinner.
  • Practice a hobby like gardening, crafting or baking or going lost in your favorite books.
  • Shopping- Buy the prettiest flowers and go home, and make yourself a bouquet to admire all week. Buy yourself some new lingerie, new pair of boots. Order that Shop-bop top you’ve been eyeing, get it gift-wrapped and send it to yourself. Don’t forget a note telling yourself how fabulous you are.
  • Try out some relaxing yoga poses, and also do Practice mindfulness.

Remember self time is the best time and it’s a relaxing feeling experience it you will get addicted of it.

Empathy in Relationships

Well its part of emotional intelligence, actually Sympathy is want and Empathy is need.

Sympathy means ‘having a fellow feeling’ when you haven’t been there.

Empathy  means that you can actually able to feel what other person is feeling placing one self into another. It is when you’ve “been there”, It’s actually straightforward and is the only way to build matured relationship.

For an instance if suppose someone who has recently lost a parent, will fully understand the emotions and thoughts another person is probably feeling when this happens to them. However, if someone hasn’t lost a parent, but knows a person that has, he or she understands the loss itself in conceptual terms. It also means that while a person is aware of the effects of such a loss, they haven’t experienced such a deeply tragic event. But they can imagine what it would do to them – that is sympathy.

For an example – When you plant seed, and it doesn’t grow well, you don’t blame the seed. You look for reasons its not doing well. It may need fertilizer,or more water,or less sun, You never blame seed. But if we have problem with friends or family,we blame the other person. Instead you should know how to care of them, they will grow well, like seed. Blaming has no positive effect at all, nor does by trying to persuade using reason and argument.

This is my experience. No blame, no reasoning, no argument just understanding. If you understand, and you show that you understand, you can love, and the situation will change.

Patience should by exercised in understanding. Staying patient with the individuals has gone a long way for me in building trust and a relationship with them. which is really difficult and very rare to find.

 I find being patient and empathetic to everyone has great value and has made me a better person, friend, teammate, support and leader. Being high energy is important because many of the people I’ve supported feed off of that energy and it makes them happy or wanting to do something with me because they know I will be engaged and putting my full energy into supporting them.

I think cognitive empathy is more easily extended to strangers than affective-emotional empathy.

There seems to be two types cognitive empathy and affective-emotional empathy.

Cognitive empathy is about being able to take someone’s perspective:
Believing that they are humans same as you. Bringing understanding of different mental states. Accepting if they disagree with you.

Affective-emotional empathy is about being able to stand in someone else’s shoes and feel with them:
By sensing what they are feeling in a situation and anticipating how they feel in future situations. Reacting in a way that how will they feel in a way that build upon understanding.

This extreme end of empathy is love. We have capacities for empathy but we don’t always apply empathy in the same way across all the people we know and people who are like us or Family member of same DNA.

It is extraordinary awareness of the human conditions. Empaths are very easy to spot – they are the one who feel deeply that it can bring them to tears.

To sum up:

  • Ask questions to understand the persons situation.
  • Know the Feeling that are operating.
  • Have a dialogue with the person to check if you understand their feelings. Your mind, body and your feelings are instrument of empathy.
  • You are ready to hear feelings and able to understand those feelings ,which is empathy

Trust in Relationship

Being emotionally transparent and honest about YOU. It just means sharing what comes up in you that prevents closeness in the relationship. It could be fear, anger, sadness, resentment. Keeping transparency is which builds trust easily.

Trust is small word but it is very important for healthy growing good relationships. It is firm belief in the reliability or ability of someone or something. It is binding of the deepest love,strongest friendship, even the smallest lie can break the biggest trust.

As it is the basic foundation on which relationships are built.

Trust is important either you develop trust in relationship or it would be difficult to survive in this world, as relationships are about exposing yourself to risks that other people can impose on you.

Be it any relationship, be it of a gf/bf, mother-daughter, father-son, siblings or friends etc. can’t work efficiently if it lacks trust. Love, respect and understanding all revolves around it.

It takes years to build seconds to break and forever to repair, without it you can never have a happy relationship. Its not always checking and analyzing the person every time. People who have issues with trust have often had significant negative experiences in the past with individuals or organizations they initially deemed trustworthy. These people should be properly addressed for curing mental health concern to cope up with future fear.

Love is always said to be freedom, do not settle for a love that restricts or discourages or dulls. You are significant and have a sacred, necessary purpose in this world, and this purpose is not to obsess over your body or succumb to the desires of another person.

There should be Understanding also which is knowing and being able to relate — it’s being able to comprehend the logic behind someone’s actions. If in doubt discuss and clear them off, But never judge or make assumption in relationships without knowing the truth otherwise it will bring to end the beautiful relationship.

So, would conclude – open communication between partners. Being open about both the good and the bad things. In a relationship both partners should feel safe expressing their emotions and sexual desires which deepens the relation and builds strong trust between them.

Pampering Love

Pampering is cute love shown and which is an every heart desire with-in to be treated in a special way.We know every lady loves to be taken care of; they love to be treated like a queen. … I had to check the Webster dictionary to know how they define pamper, they defined it as “to treat with extreme and excessive care and attention”; and this is how every man ought to treat his lady, with extreme care and attention.

Well i heard, from few that they actually don’t believe in pampering at all. To keep relationship intact they consider its faking and holding the relationship . So let me tell you my views on it, in few its more about respect and understanding only which is more important to sustain the relationship.

According to me should pamper girls as daughter;

Respect her like your mother;

And love her as if she is your.

If she is important to you and you show special love to her she will definitely double it back. Most of them just involve a small action only, and no money… which means almost any of these below things to do for your girlfriend are incredibly easy!

Like feeding with spoon, when she is not well Drop her to office . Amazing her with bed tea by youself waking up early in the morning. Dealing with her mood swings which generally happens and make her laugh loud in low days.

Yes, someday you can surprise them with her wishlist. Could be as simple as brownies from a specific restaurant, ice cream, flowers etc.

Many people says that pampering can’t hold relationship long as its not possible for a partner to keep pampering life long..and some says that girl is not mature if she ask for pampering .

So i would tell you that, it’s just other word of love and there is nothing wrong to pamper your spouse to arouse happiness and self esteem .I loved to be pampered . I believe, spouse should pamper each other to feel important and special. It brings thrill and surprise elements:)

Any man who hasn’t been doing this just shows he doesn’t deserve that lady.

As Women are emotional and she would be deeply moved when she has that who value her and treat her right.So if you don’t someone else will, and you will ending up loosing a good woman.Women love being the center of a man’s world; they love it when it’s just them alone and no one else.

Pampering a lady would give her that ‘only girl in the world’ feeling. No lady these days want to be the number one, no, every lady wants to be the only one; they want to be the one you can’t do without, the one that you would always want to be with. Make her feel this way by pampering her.

So in last would conclude like every woman feels-

I want you to pamper me when i am off, I want you to hug me when i am annoyed and cuddle me when i am low.