Which traits are attractive in humans ?

Attraction is an intelligible thing and biological factor. Sometimes there’s no answer to what brings you close to one person over another, or what it was that made you realise you can’t stop thinking about them.

Factors can be different like smell, taste, diet, hormones,kindness,Voice,Similarity,Being different,maturity,Health, facial traits, etc.

Attraction can also be just looks also the appearance face features , that people can not forgot to stare or gaze at. It just gives romantic appeal unstoppable, i would say and adding smell with the nice fragrance would reach an extreme point.

I’ve noticed attraction is usually based on admiration as well as common interests too.

I guess more carefree partner usually gets attracted to man who’s opposite in some fundamental ways.

But it just taste and need varries person to person . Where Some need a book worm other needs an organized man, one who can handle the details of paperwork. I’m awful at it. Reminds me too much of high school.

I need a good listener since I tend to blab too much and ask too many questions. My friend usually who tell me.

“Priyanka, you ask too many damn questions.”

I’m attracted to a man who’s in charge, of something, somewhere. I’ve got that classic attraction to authority figures.

I’m also attracted to brave men. Men who can be bold and be an individual in spite of what everyone else is doing.

Lastly, I need a smug or else we won’t have anything to laugh about. I’ve found it works best if the man isn’t as goofy as me.

As said this totally depends person to person ,well their are many traits in girls and boys which attracts in first meeting.

Share me yours ….😉

Pamper Addiction

Hello audience,feeling overwhelmed for the opportunity which i got and through which i could influence many hearts. Pamper word is self explanatory, making someone feel special and making their whole day meaning full and worthy.

It is the baby care which parent also provide to their child and exist in every relation which make relationship meaning full and gives feeling of comfort, joy and make it just divine.

In this careless world, if we have someone who pampers us and take cares of our needs making us to forget whole world, understanding emotions very well then what else we would desire of.

You must be thinking why i am writing this, its just to draw attention toward which may not be noticed by people in their life but definitely which exist there in some or another way and if it is not there, then might be knowing that they actually need it in there life to get completely satisfied.

Would be explaining through one of the instance for some clarity on it –

I entered the college which i experienced, before that which I dint even know about, was the word ”PAMPER” it was like it never existed in my dictionary or it must be the word used least. I was an average looking girl, from a middle class family and studied in a co-ed college. Plus I was a sincere student (though I never scored great during my school days) and never had much Friends. I was a part of an all girls gang and never knew what pampering means.

But the moment, when I entered the college, and when I saw Boy there, and how they would treat their Girl-friend very differently. Like even for smallest of the favors, they would themselves offer a Chocolate, party or gifts. I was taken aback by surprise as I was sure I didn’t deserve it (:P). Like for lending a lab file for a day, who would give anyone a Silk of about 55 Rs (during that time). For me that was way too much.

This is one example shared for the kind of treatment which later on develops habit and grows within, which eventually is nothing else, but the term known as addiction to pamper.